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Hello you beautiful soul! I hope alongside having a squizz over this post you've managed to squeeze in a bit of 'you time' amidst all there is to do.

I've had a crikey of a week over here on the back of a few unexpected issues, school strikes, my sons new found HIGH ENERGY levels & his reluctance to stay asleep, a difficult conversation, an attitude fueled comment from my ex, broken and no sleep and I'm sure I could find loads more challenges to focus on if I so desired ;) AND I think I've indulged enough.

So yeah, my long time pal of OVERWHELM came to visit AND we've been battling it out together. AND guess what!! My new best pal SELF COMPASSION also came to the party WHICH made all the difference.

My new best pal SELF COMPASSION also came to the party WHICH made all the difference!

I'm sharing this with you because if you're resonating with any of this I want you to know I GET IT. This is life AND I reckon hands down this is where the work happens, in the everyday, in the way we show up for ourselves WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN.

Today I wanted to stay under the covers and pray for everything to be 'sorted'. So when an opportunity presented itself in the day I went back to bed and allowed myself to do just that for 1 hour. Then I got up, tackled a 'pleasurable/easy task' (hanging laundry), then set myself one small work task, and then another. Taking action, taking that next step and moving forward on with the path that is my life. That's the secret folks.

I never planned on writing this Blog Post, and well I never planned on feeling this way - I mean how much of how we feel can we actually plan? This is life ain't it.

It felt important to capture this energy and my process because it feels key. Its shows me that I DO THE WORK, I teach it and preach it and I do the flipping work and inside a week where I'm finding it difficult that feels AMAZING and gives me something solid to focus my attention on.

I love that I get to take the journey of life's ups and downs alongside my clients and that I get 'hot access' to the real life shit that gets in the way of being the beautiful, powerful, brave, courageous and loving supersouls we each came to this world to be. Take care of yourself, you're worth it and you deserve it.

Thanks for listening.

xx Bron

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