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Silent Disco Nia

Kirkcaldy - Weekly (Wed)

Join us every Wednesday for our signature Weekly Silent Disco class, where you'll groove to the beat of your own drum in a supportive and inclusive environment. Let the music move you as you dance, sweat, and connect with others, leaving you feeling energized and alive.


Edinburgh - Fortnightly (Thurs)

Every other Thursday, come together with like-minded individuals for an immersive session focused on personal growth and empowerment. Through interactive workshops, discussions, and activities, you'll gain valuable insights and tools to navigate life with confidence and clarity.

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Beach Silent Disco

Burntisland - Monthly

Get out into the fresh outdoors with the family. Kick your shoes off and bury your feet in the sound while listening and grooving to some sweet sounds together with your loved ones.

Mindful Silent Disco

Edinburgh - Monthly

Experience the power of mindfulness in motion with our Monthly Mindful Silent Disco. Engage in guided meditation and gentle movement practices as you connect with your breath, body, and the present moment, leaving you feeling grounded, centered, and rejuvenated.

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